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Do you still remember the good old days before Covid-19 hit our shores? It’s been more than 2 years since the world was swept up in the pandemic; many people are still struggling to manage their finances while some have had their finances negatively impacted.

What is the best way to manage your finances during a pandemic? Who can you turn to if you need financial assistance? Where can you find the best money lenders in Singapore? We’ll answer some of your burning questions and give you tips on how to better manage your finances during this trying time.

Stick to a tight budget

If your income has been affected during this time, we would strongly advise you to devise a tighter spending budget and stick to it. Take stock of your savings, income sources, and expenses. While you’re at it, try to be stricter with your spending as much as possible.

If you are new to budgeting or are creating a new budget with your family, besides manually tracking your expenses in spreadsheets, you can make use of free mobile budgeting apps (e.g. Planner Bee, Wally, Spendee, Monny) to stay on top of things on the go. These apps usually churn out monthly reports for you so to help you track your spending across various categories such as bills, food, entertainment, and transport. Scrutinise the reports, then cut back on or reallocate your funds accordingly. Having access to such data can help you set a more realistic budget.

Once you get the hang of tracking your finances, you’re likely to be more disciplined to spend within your means and be more mindful of how much goes into your savings.

Clear your credit card bills

If you have accumulated hefty credit card bills and are struggling with your cash flow, clearing your bills may be easier said than done. If possible, you should at least pay the minimum sum , and whatever you can spare (instead of waiting until you have enough cash to clear them in one go).

In more dire situations where you have trouble clearing your debts, you can connect with a licensed money lender in Singapore. A financial institution or a money lender in Singapore will be able to offer you financial relief if you meet their application criteria. For example, you may consider a debt consolidation loan from a licensed money lender in Singapore to consolidate your loans and pay through a single, lower interest account every month.

Increase or jump-start your emergency fund

Remember that saving even a small amount goes a long way. Living in a pandemic is certainly a reminder that we should always have an emergency fund to fall back on.

However, all hope is not lost if you don’t have sufficient savings and require cash for an emergency. You can consider reaching out to a licensed money lender in Singapore or other financial institutions for a quick and safe, legal loan option.

The best money lenders in Singapore

LoanHere is a platform that connects our customers to the best money lenders in Singapore. If you are looking for 12-month loan lenders in Singapore or a shorter-term loan for personal needs or business purposes, we are here to support and provide you with the necessary information that you require.

You may also apply for a personal loan such as a bridging loan, emergency medical loan, education loan, or driver’s loan from any licensed money lender in Singapore depending on your needs.

We help you narrow down your search for the best money lenders in Singapore by making it easier for you to compare your options and make an informed decision. All you need to do is fill out this application form on our website and we will reach out to you with a curated list of licensed money lenders.

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